Breaking the Code in the News:

Former Hells Angel and cop who chased him share their unlikely friendship

By Kristi Belcamino of the Pioneer Press

Considered the “godfather” of the Minneapolis Hells Angels, Pat Matter knew three things in life were true:

“When you love someone, you get hurt. … When you’re real, everyone hates you for it. And when you trust, you get killed.”

And yet, Matter found an unlikely man to trust: Chris Omodt — the Hennepin County cop who’d been after him for years.

Two decades after the men first heard of each other, they’re telling the story of their unlikely alliance.

Their co-written book, “Breaking the Code” (self-published and available Friday), tells the tale of how their lives intersected, giving a no-holds-barred glimpse into the world of biker gangs and the investigators who go after them.

The friendship Matter and Omodt now share — including daily phone calls — is a long way from where they began.


Tevlin: Hell’s Angels leader tells his story with the help of the cop who caught him

By Jon Tevlin of the Star Tribune

They were two guys heading in opposite directions, contrary career arcs destined to cross. As they sat in the sun on a deck overlooking a bucolic setting, however, they seemed like buddies rehashing old times.

One was Chris Omodt, who as a young man followed a long family tradition by going into law enforcement, working for the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. His dad, Don, was a storied sheriff. Omodt also rose through the ranks to become an investigator, and late in his career he was entrusted with leading the Metro Gang Strike Force after it began to unravel.

The other was Pat Matter, who was a small but tough kid who had dropped out of school by the seventh grade. He wasn’t educated, but he likes to say he had a Ph.D. in street smarts and plenty of ambition. He would need both, plus a combination of charisma and ruthlessness, to become one of state’s largest drug dealers as president of the Minneapolis branch of the Hell’s Angels.